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This logofolio is a collection of some of the logo brands and types I’ve designed over the last few months. Be it for small businesses, personal projects or a larger project.

In my design process, I first try to figure out what type of logo is needed for the brand in question, be it a brand, type or series. After researching the project, talking to the client, researching the competitors, creating a client persona, and sketching out different variations, I begin the actual design of the logo.

It’s timeless and doesn’t need to be renewed as trends end and new ones begin, which is very time consuming and costly, but just because it’s simple, it’s never generic, but very unique to the company.

In addition, the logo is designed to fit into an entire branding system, meaning I often try to make sure that the mark can also be used as a pattern for branding purposes, such as packaging or print design for the project at hand. Questions such as where will the logo be placed and does it work in black and white and in large and small formats are all considered during the design process.

The logo should never tell the whole story, just give a small hint of what the company / project / person is about, evoke a feeling in the viewer that is heading in the right direction, but doesn’t reveal everything yet.

Have fun browsing through my collection!

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