Kiosq is a russian IT brand that focuses on e-commerce and their work is very professional, unique and fast. They have a team of respected people in the IT field and therefore enjoy people’s trust.


The client needed a new logo that fit their brand attributes that customers could associate with – professional, clean and respected. They needed a simplified version of what they already had, and it had to be compatible with all modern devices and also fit as an app icon.

They also needed a pattern that would work very well with the logo for all of their branding content, as well as a color palette that would help them be recognized as the highly professional brand that they are.

I designed a very simple logo mark with the letter „K“ consisting of connectors, which play a big role in the IT world and therefore helps to make the brand subtly recognizable when people look at the brand logo. For the font, I opted for a rounded font that emphasizes the roundness of the sign.

The connectors can easily be used as a branding element to create a pattern that people would associate with the brand, whether on a billboard, website or brochure, giving the design a unique yet simple style.

For the color palette, I decided to use different shades of blue, as this color often represents trust, intelligence, and responsibility. To keep the design clean and professional, it was enough to stick to the monochrome color scheme and not mix it up.



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